Yegna Sefer Part 107 (Season Final) | Kana TV Drama

Watch episode 107 of the Kana TV drama ‘Yegna Sefer’. Synopsis: Çukur is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is ruled by The Koçova family. The Koçova family, headed by Idriss is a mafia family, which lives mainly from arms traffic. They also have a hand in other kinds of traffic in çukur, such as gangs of thieves and prostitution. Even though the family is closely related to crimes, it strictly prohibits drugs. Drugs cannot be produced, used or sold in Çukur. The course of things changes when a young mafia man arrives in çukur. He Begin a struggle of powers for the possession of çukur neighborhood, a hub of all kinds of traffic. “External” elements are trying to take power and overthrow the established order by Idriss Kosovali and his family. Just as he thinks that he has put the family on their knees something unpredicted happened. The younger son of the family, Yamaç, returned to the pit he left behind years ago to set up a totally different life, and a new era begin

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