kurulus osman episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles

kurulus Osman episode 25 with Urdu Subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, the Byzantine Emperor sends the soldiers to capture Princess Sofia but she fights and executes all of them. Then we see Osman Bey is talking to Bala Hatun. Aygul is behaving strangely because she is saddened after knowing that Alisar Bey is the murderer of her brother. In this situation, Aygul strangles her mother because of which Zohre Hatun has to slap her to save herself.

Osman Bey tells Bala Hatun about his plans and wishes for the future. Bala Hatun admires him and says that she will always support him but she may not give him a child. But Osman Bey again says that we will establish a state by uniting all the Turkish tribes. Dundar Bey is also watching Aygul while sitting in front of his tent. Aygul says her mother that she has collected some flowers along with his brother Batur. Dundar Bey starts crying after seeing her daughter. Zohre Hatun and Dundar Bey are worried about their daughter, while Gunduz Bey is searching for a good physician for her. Zohre Hatun asks Dundar Bey to eat something but he refuses.

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Watch or download kurulus Osman Episode 25 with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles first of all. Kurulus Osman all episodes with subtitles also available here. Kurulus Osman episode 25 trailer with English, Urdu & Bangla Subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman episode 25 release date is 10-06-2020Kurulus Osman episode 25 will be on-air on ATV Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Kurulus Osman episode 25

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