The Real Culprit Episode 4 with English Subtitle

Shinhannin 真犯人 – In 2008, Isao Sudo is found dead in Shizuoka Prefecture. He ran a used car store in Tokyo. Detective Satoru Kusaka from Shizuoka Prefecture investigates the death of Isao Sudo. He learns that in 1974, Isao Sudo’s son was kidnapped and killed in Shizuoka Prefecture.In 1988, Seiichiro Shigeto (Takaya Kamikawa) was appointed to lead a team of 6 detectives and they reinvestigated the kidnapping and murder case involving Isao Sudo’s son.Detective Satoru Kusaka has a hunch that the case involving the death of Isao Sudo’s son will lead to the case involving the death of the father. Detective Satoru Kusaka meets Seiichiro Shigeto to gather information. Watch Choosing Spouse By Lottery Ep 4 Eng Sub online. The following Shinhannin Ep 4 Eng Sub has been released.Enjoy!!.


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