Survival Wedding Episode 2 with English Subtitle

Survival Wedding サバイバル ウェディング – 29-year-old Sayaka Kuroki (Haru) works at a publishing company. She is engaged and will have her wedding in 3 months. One night, she comes home after resigning from her job. She discovers that her fiance is having an affair. Sayaka Kuroki breaks off her engagement.Sayaka Kuroki now doesn’t have a job. At this time, Hiroto Usami suggests to her the chance to get reinstated. He works as the chief editor of a popular magazine. Hiroto Usami tells her that if she wants her job back she must meet two conditions: 1.) Sayaka Kuroki must find a man to marry within 6 months and get married 2.) She must write down her experience getting married and publish her experience in the magazine. Genres:Comedy, Romance. Also Known as Sabaibaru Wedinggu. Watch Survival Wedding Ep 2 Eng Sub online.

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