Real History of Halime Hatun (Wife of Ertugrul Ghazi) in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Real History of Halime Hatun

Dirilis Ertugrul Season, which was on air on TRT Channel in Turkish while describing how the leader of the Kayi Tribe, Ertugrul Ghazi made it possible for the Ottoman Empire to be established under the command of Osman Ghazi that ruled the whole world for almost six centuries, has attracted the audience’s attention. In Dirilis Ertugrul Season, an actor named Esra Bilgiç joined the series while portraying an important character Halime Hatun in history.

Real History of Halime Hatun (Wife of Ertugrul Ghazi) in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

After watching Halime Hatun in Dirilis Ertugrul Season, people started searching about this important character in history. Also that there isn’t much information available from any source about Halime Hatun. So, I have gathered some information about Halime Hatun like who was Halime Hatun?

Halime Hatun

Halime Hatun

What was the role of Halime Hatun in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire? What was the relation of Halime Hatun to Ertugrul Bey of the Kayi Tribe? When Halime Hatun died? Where Halime Hatun’s tomb is located? So, here is curious information.

Who was Halime Hatun

Halime Hatun was the beloved wife of the leader of the Kayi Tribe Ertugrul Ghazi and thus the mother of the founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman Ghazi. Her origins are yet unknown but Halime Hatun has been reported to born in 1205 CE. In some resources, her birth year is mentioned as 1194 CE. Halime Hatun is often named “Hayme Ana Hatun” or “Khaimah” but in fact, she hadn’t even been named in the earliest Ottoman histories written in the fifteenth century.  According to a resource, as also shown in Dirilis Ertugrul Season, Halime Hatun or Halime Sultan was a Seljuk Princess as she was the daughter of Prince Numan who was the member of a royal family and also the brother of Sultan Aladdin Kayqubad I who was the ruler of Seljuk Sultanate of Rum.

Real History of Halime Hatun (Wife of Ertugrul Ghazi) in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

There isn’t information available about her marriage to Ertugrul Ghazi that how and in what circumstances, a Seljuk Princess was married to Ertugrul Ghazi of a tribe which was yet in search of a state or place. But it is clear that Halime Hatun gave up her title of being a Seljuk Princess and the Palace’s life just for her love and dedication to Bey of the Kayi tribe Ertugrul Ghazi. After their marriage, the two branches of Turks, the Oghuz Turks and the Seljuk Turks were united by the blood ties.

When Ertugrul Ghazi became the leader of the Kayi tribe, Halime Hatun was also given the title of Halime Sultan being the headmistress of the tribe and she also proved to be righteous of this title. She had been a great support to her husband, his cause, and fought with a lot of enemies along with him. Halime Sultan preceded her husband and died after the death of Ertugrul Ghazi in 1281 CE.Real History of Halime Hatun

In Dirilis Ertugrul Season, the scriptwriters and the producer had to make her die before Ertugrul while giving birth to Osman Ghazi, because of some private reasons of the actress portraying her. Halime Sultan is buried in the Tomb of Ertugrul Ghazi, Sogut, Turkey. According to some later resources, Hayme Ana buried in Domanic is most likely to be the wife of Ertugrul Ghazi.

Real History of Halime Hatun (Wife of Ertugrul Ghazi) in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Halime Hatun and Ertugrul Ghazi gave birth to three sons named Gunduz Bey, Saru Batu Savci Bey, and Osman Bey. In some resources, it is also mentioned that Saru Batu and Savci Bey were the names of two different sons of Ertugrul Bey and Halime Sultan. But the previous one has been reported to be most authentic. And ALLAH ALMIGHTY knows the best.

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