Kurulus Osman Episode 53 (Season 2 Episode 26) urdu subtitles

kurulus osman Episode 52 Review

In Kurtulus Osman Episode 52, Malhan hatun with her Soldiers were going in a jungle with 100 horses for trading with Nikola. But Osman bey reached with his Soldiers and ask malhan Hatun where are you going. Osman bey said you can’t be sold out the horses to our enemy but, Malhan hatun says he is not my enemy we have promise for these horses. Osman bey ordered his soldiers to take all the horses of malhan hatun.

Malhan Hatun returns to the plane and tells her father what did Osman bey with her. Her father umer angry with Osman bey and orders to prepare the soldiers it is the time to talk with Osman bey. Nikola is very happy now for creating the problem between Osman bey and Umer bey. Because Nikola did not want both Osman and Omar bey friendship.

Meanwhile, the messenger sent by Nikola comes to Osman’s tent. Nikola tells Osman where Togay is hiding and has nothing to do with the attack. Osman says it is a trap, but he will still get there.

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 (Season 2 Episode 26) with Urdu Subtitles

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