Inside No. 9 Season 5 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Inside No. 9 Season 5 Episode 2 Inside No 9 returns this week for another deliciously dark slice of drama, this time with Jenna Coleman arriving as supporting actress for this ensemble piece. With a nice twist at the end and a good injection of humor, this anthology series continues to impress with its latest episode.

The story begins with Beattie and Sam moving into their new property. They bagged a good deal too, managing to get 100 grand off the initial price thanks to a gruesome murder that took place years ago. Sam leaves for work and as he does, a picture smashes on the floor. That evening things quickly take a turn for the worst when appliances turn themselves on and a large crack forms across the wall.

In the morning, a man named David arrives, claiming to have previously lived in their apartment. His Mother Maureen passed away there and as we skip back in time, we’re given a montage of his time in the apartment, including his Mother dying and his friend Emily from his murder mystery class arriving and subsequently resulting in the two of them hitting it off.

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