Goodbye 2018 Episode 2 with English Subtitle

Ao to Boku – (Bessho Fumiyo, a web designer, happens to meet Tajimage Shu, a junior in a club activity during high school days, while she is out on business. The two of them head to her regular bar. As they are celebrating their reunion, Miharu, a drunk regular customer, gives Fumiyo a hard time. Fumiyo listens to Miharu’s story of having her heart broken while Tajimage gazes at Fumiyo with an emotional look. Sensing that he wants her to listen to his own story, Fumiyo prompts him. With grim determination, Tajimage begins to get his worries off his chest. He is working away from home now, and in autumn, he intends to send for his family. But he has a lover. Or rather four lovers. After hearing his story, Fumiyo realises that Tajimage is a popular guy and unintentionally mutters that this situation is exactly like Dazai Osamu’s unfinished novel Goodbye. Tajimage is moved by the queer coincidence. Fumiyo advises him to follow Dazai’s example and say goodbye to his lovers. Genres:Comedy, Romance. Watch Goodbye 2018 Ep 2 Eng Sub online.

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