Caseworker’s Diary Episode 3 with English Subtitle

Kenko de Bunkatekina Saiteigendo no Seikatsu – Emiru Yoshitsune (Riho Yoshioka) is 22-years-old and has just started work as a public servant. She is assigned to work as a caseworker. Her job has her providing help to to poor people needing public assistance. Emiru Yoshitsune has no knowledge about the social welfare system and she struggles to carry out her work. She agonizes over whether she is suitable for her job or not. One day, a man who she is assigned to help commits suicide.Genres:Business, Romance, Life, Drama. Also Known As: Caseworker’s Diary: Constitutional Rights, The Minimum Standard of Wholesome and Cultured Living, Kenko de Bunkatekina Saiteigendo no Seikatsu. Watch Kenko de Bunkatekina Saiteigendo no Seikatsu Ep 3 Eng Sub online.

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