Best korean Drama download In 2018

What is Korean drama?

Best korean Drama download In 2018 Korean dramas or K dramas are the dramas made in South Korea in Korean language.

The dramas usually broadcaster for an hour from 22:00 to 23:00 on two consecutive nights or two episode in a week; Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and weekends. The two nationwide networks of South Korea are Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) broadcaster the dramas and made the popular culture of South Korea spread globally.

History of Korean Dramas

South Korea started to telecast these dramas in the 1960s later it developed into a series based on 12 to 24 episodes in 1990s broadcasted on the channel Dae Jang Geum. The channel was sold to 91 countries and since when started a worldwide drama fever. Initially the best Korean dramas were only the historical, contemporary and miniseries based  but later a more fine genre under the notion of ‘fusion sageuks’ came. Sageuk is a Korean word for drama.

Korean dramas in Pakistan

Despite being produced in South Korea, Korean dramas are famous worldwide.  The availability of these dramas with subtitles in multiple languages has been giving rise to its popularity. Besides its range from Romantic comedies to action series to fusion science fiction has given them a way in Pakistan and captured a huge viewership. Its distinctive characteristics set it apart from the regular soap operas of Pakistani drama industry. What makes a best Korean drama is its audience written script; the dramas are only recorded a few hours before being telecast. The script is continuously being edited as per the reviews and feedback of audience through out the time its being on air. Since 2000 Pakistan is airing the best Korean dramas on television apart from it you can watch the best Korean drama 2017 and best Korean drama 2018 online. Korean dramas are way different from Pakistani dramas, we the Pakistanis always like to watch the dramas based on the stories of saas bahu or stories which revolve around a single character usually a girl. Unlike it best Korean dramas are always centered about their schools issue, friendship, mystery and crime. This drama fever of Korean dramas in Pakistan can be well understood by the terms like Chingu, Daebak, Swag, Selca and Saranghaeyo used in the dramas in the Korean language are being casually used by Pakistani people for the words Amazing, Selfie and I Love You respectively.

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